Colorado Law: Homeschool Vs Private School

Enrollment in Aero Ridge Christian Academy satisfies the Colorado Homeschool law

C.R.S. 22-33-104.3 (C) (D) as long as students are schooled 172 days and 4 hours per day, per year.

Aero Ridge Christian Academy meets 104 of these days and families are responsible for educating their children for the remaining 68 days to make up the difference at home and/or in a homeschool enrichment program.

If parents refer to the school calendar and complete the work sent home for Friday and Monday work, the remaining 68 days will be met.

Enrollment in Aero Ridge Christian Academy also satisfies the Colorado Private School Laws below:

While your student is enrolled in Aero Ridge Christian Academy, a private school program, should you require guidance or legal advice for homeschooling, HSLDA (HomeSchool Legal and Defence Association is a wonderful and recommended resource

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