Frequently Asked Questions

We know choosing a school for your children can be tough, but we are excited that you are considering 

Aero Ridge Christian Academy! 

What are the School Hours?  8:15 am - 3:15 pm for 8th Grade and up. 9:00 am - 3:15 pm for K-7th Grades.    

What are the class sizes? Each class will have a maximum of 10 students to 1 teacher

How many recess times will students get? Morning snack/recess is 20 minutes and lunch/recess is 1 hour

Does Aero Ridge offer Electives? Our students are offered (6) 4-week rotations of focused interest groups students can sign up for ranging in Art, Choir, Computer Coding, S.T. E. M., and so much more. 

Is there a dress code? Yes, you can find that under the Enrollment Tab. 

What Curriculum do you use? Aero Ridge Christian Academy offers a curated curriculum list that differs by grade level. The curriculum offered includes Abeka, Starfall, The Good and The Beautiful, Easy Grammar, and more. 

If you are interested in a more comprehensive list for your student, please connect with our director at

What is the Homework Policy? 

Suggested homework to be sent home includes:

Elementary - Phonics/Grammar, Math, and Spelling activities (in each child's folder); suggested reading of 20 minutes every day; occasionally preparation will be needed for special events.

Middle School - Math, Grammar, Spelling activities, any unfinished classroom work, suggested reading of 20 minutes every day, studying for tests/quizzes.

Additional credits may be needed to fulfill graduation requirements for high school students.

ARCA staff can help provide resources should they be needed.

Students are expected to complete work sent home on Thursday afternoons for Homeschool days on Mondays & Fridays. Any Homework sent home during the school week will be work not completed in class or in preparation for an assessment. The teacher will communicate with the parent should this happen. We encourage students to read for 20 minutes each day.

We believe that if students apply themselves throughout the school day, there will not be a need for additional work in the evenings.

The ARCA staff wants to partner with families in their homeschool journey and is available to help and consult if needed.

Do you have a PTO/PTA? No, not by the name of PTO or PTA. Instead, we have opportunities for parents/guardians to volunteer and serve in other ways. If you are interested in learning more, email


Aero Ridge Christian Academy's growth and expansion are dependent upon communication.  If there are questions you have about our school and feel it would benefit other potential families joining our community please submit your questions below.